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  • Homelab - Personal homelab setup

    Build License Last commit

  • Dockerfiles - Repository of private dockerfiles

    Website License Last commit

  • Dotfiles - My personal dotfiles for bash/zsh, vim, tmux, apt, brew.

    License Last commit

  • MOTD - Collection of my motd scripts

    License Last commit

Web apps

  • SensAI - Sensor-based Atmospheric Intelligence

    Website License Last commit

CLI apps

  • Wordlebee - A cli wordle word guessing helper bee to solve the wordle puzzle of the day.

    PyPi Version PyPi Python versions License Code style: black Downloads Last commit



  • pivuq - PIV Uncertainty Quantification.

    Docs PyPi Version License DOI Downloads Last commit

  • Ragnarok - Ragnarok is a library for solving lattice boltzmann

    GitHub Workflow Status License Last commit

  • OpenFoam 2.3.x - Custom OpenFOAM Application and src

    Last commit

Last update: June 4, 2023